How I Fell In Love with My Juicer


All my life I have always been a foodie but there is something about fresh citrus juice that got me hooked for life. The foundation to any good citrus juice is the perfect citrus juicer or blender and I must admit it took me so long to realize this. Today I have perfected about ten or fifteen recipes and am having the best smoothies of my life.

Making my own smoothie with a juicer

The quality of all fresh juices depends on how they are made. For me it takes a lot to perfect a juice recipe but I know one thing for sure, if I want to enjoy tasty, healthy and mind-blowing citrus juice, I need the best citrus juicer. I remember spending about three weeks online researching different juicers and while most really looked like they had a lot to offer, it took me a lot of time reading through the juicers reviews and ratings and comparing different products.

Finally I got my juicer and believe me, the amazing taste of all my fifteen smoothie recipes would not be the same without this juicer. I actually think that the quality of the juicer and the end product it produced was the main reason why I fell in love with citrus. Citrus juice is healthy and really amazing. It doesn’t matter how you want to twist the flavor, personally I do this all the time, the authentic taste of real citrus juiced to perfection is what really matters.

I was never a fan of citrus in my life, now I can’t go a day without it. I honestly think it will be nice if you can also try out the fresh juice. You can get some basic flavor twists online but always remember the authentic taste and texture of citrus juice will really get you going. In that case, I would invest on a good citrus juicer if I were you and pick it up from there.